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Christmas saw me get some of the wearable tech that I have been hinting about. Massive bonus points to my husband. Let me explain why.

I already have the Garmin Forerunner 220 (for running), the Garmin Edge 200 (for Biking) and the Garmin Vivifit (for all the other time!) … You may ask what else could I possibly need … Well I needed a Garmin Swim – of course.

Garmin Swim

I love to swim, partly because I love the rhythm of it and the sound of the water rushing past my ears, but also because it is the only sport that I am better at than my husband. This may seem like a spiteful reason for loving swimming, but I as spend my life coming so far behind him at running and cycling events (it is just a bit well … humiliating), I really enjoy the one thing I can win at. I am, I have to admit, a little bit competitive.

I am not a bad runner and I am not bad on a bike either. It is just that he is really rather good … at both … ugh so annoying.

The Garmin Swim finally lets me quantify how much better I am than him – and boy am I loving it. I do not need to crow about it or rub it in – that would just be mean. The Garmin Connect App lets me see on my phone his swim stats (he has the über swanky Garmin 910XT – of course!) and I can sneakily feel smug that I am cruising through the water with little effort and totally kicking his butt.

So you may well ask – wearable tech, what’s the point? For me the point is: finally I can win!