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I got completely overexcited today about Vessyl.

I know what did it. It was not the beautiful design, the amazing wizardry of the display or the beauty of the website. I properly enjoyed reading the FAQ. I have so much admiration for the team behind this product.

What did it was the fact for the first time in the 21st century, I saw magic. At my age magic is never a realistic option. As a person, I am rarely surprised. I can offer a reasonable explanation to most things. I am the sort of person who takes the time to work out how something works. I will sit and discuss how something works until I am sure I have it figured out. I am no longer prepared to believe in magic. Well I was no longer prepared to believe in magic – then I saw the Vessyl.

As a concept it makes the next step in wearable tech, this cup tracks what we drink, the calories we consume from it, the caffeine, etc. All the stuff we need to know to keep us on the healthy straight and narrow. It bridges the gap between wearable tech that can log all your activity, all except eating and drinking. To track food and drink you need to physically log it yourself. Boring … zzzzzzz. This cup logs it for you – genius. How it does this is nearly beyond the scope of my reality. It verges on magic. (No not the logging it bit – I get the app syncing thing – I am an activity tracker addict.)

The magic comes from Vessyl knowing what is in the cup with no human input. Now that is the magic. Pour in beer it knows it’s beer. Clever. Pour in tea it knows its tea, BUT it also knows if you have added milk to your tea, how much milk is in the tea, and what fat content the milk it. Seriously Clever.

BEYOND that, pour in a branded sports drink and it knows which drink flavour and which brand. That is the magic. Honestly, I was giddy with childlike wonder at this. Do I want to know how it does it? … Aagh … Dilemma. I am not sure. I am relishing being 7 years old again, but know I am really far too old to believe in magic.

I love tech.

(Did I order one? Hell yes. Shipping Q4 2015. At Ratio Creative – We : Live tech)