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The single-minded proposition is the quest of every agency planner. How do we take all the information we’ve been given and boil it down to a single thought that is going to compel the customer to take action?

But, I fear in the world of tech marketing there is little credence given to the single-minded proposition. The desire to communicate every single feature and benefit from the outset seems to win hands down. Why? Because features and benefits fit the template of modern marketing. The use of icons, bullet points, minimal copy have the ability to reduce any content down to three core benefits: ‘easy to use’, ‘efficient’ and ‘cost effective’. Ironically, it’s easy, efficient and cost effective to take this approach to marketing! The problem is, it’s also restrictive and almost always counterintuitive to the original briefing – which is typically – ‘we need to differentiate’. ‘Being the same’ is rarely, if ever, on the agenda.

Features and benefits are indeed key ingredients of marketing messaging and if your product isn’t making someone’s life easier, increasing efficiency or reducing cost then really – what’s the point? The point is there is something else far more compelling and single-minded that overshadows these mere substantiate points. You just have to look harder to discover it.

Emotional engagement. Yes, emotions run through purchasing ‘business’ tech services and products too. Emotional engagement is not just the domain of consumer brands, products and services. Funnily enough, people buy consumer and business goods too. Yet, we treat business tech purchasing so differently. Sure, the head may dominate the heart but it’s the emotional engagement that can sway the purchase decision too. Features and benefits are vital of course, but alone they don’t engage the heart and emotions.

The opportunity is to differentiate your brand emotionally, and with clarity of thought. This means getting upstream of the features and benefits and looking to the customer, the user, the employee, the founders and the product itself to find the emotional connection that provides the fire that drives engagement and intent.

It’s our role as your strategic and creative partner to deliver these goods – it’s a challenge any planner worth their salt thrives on.