How Google’s AI system can replace humans for those everyday phone tasks

With your new artificial intelligent (AI) bot ever ready, you’ll no longer need to actually make that phone call to your hairdresser or even to your favourite restaurant to reserve a table.

You can ask Google’s Duplex AI system to do it for you. Simple? Maybe not. Nothing like a bit of duplication in the process, or self-doubt to play on your mind. Did they make the call, to the right venue, and book the right time?

Good technology takes time to craft. And, there may need to be a lot more crafting required for Google’s AI’s voice assistant to be a seamless, viable solution. Just ask anyone who’s using Alexa.

The issue with voice recognition today is its ability to cope with accents, as highlighted in this BBC Scotland comedy ‘lift’ sketch, dramatising how voice recognition can go awry. Warning – adult humour.

Yes, any new AI booking will interact with your calendar. Reassuringly, you’ll be able to check, even double check that all is well.  But, like us humans, tech can get it wrong. The issue is, we might spend so much time checking, double and treble checking that we’re not being more efficient with our time after all. We’re just increasing the needless worry factor 10 fold.

What could go wrong? Having a ‘haircut’ at the restaurant? I reckon we’ve all experienced that to some degree, already.