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McLaren’s humility driving fan engagement & partner activation

When you’re in the winning business and success is hard to come by, you need your partners and fans alike to be with you as one, one community.

Companies who adopt a market orientation focus and humility aid their ability to create a community culture for customers/ fans and partners alike. As Rob Bloom @ McLaren mentions at Advertising Week Europe, his inspiration comes from FMCG brands and their initiatives in really understanding their community.  It’s the same journey that sports are currently on in understanding their fan base.

It’s a journey more B2B companies need to begin too. Understand your customers and potential customers, and success will be far easily realised.  Success though starts by doing your research.  Understand your market sector(s) and who you’re going to target, then define your brand with a very clear and differentiating positioning.

McLaren has started their journey and their digital and social campaigns have achieved some significant results, and from a better understanding of their current and potential fanbase.

May McClaren’s off the track success transfer on track very soon.