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…and that’s just fine, or is it?

How often do we read about customer service and the experience not being as good as it should be? Sadly, all too often.

You know how it goes, you’re on a website, you can’t find what you need.

You hit ‘contact us’ and you see a host of options. Typically, ‘Live Chat’ is served up first.  Followed by ‘FAQ’s – search through frequently asked questions, you may find what you’re looking for’. But you choose not to.

Of course, there’s email. Although, you’ll need to wait up to 48 hours for a reply. You just need help. Right now. So you call.

Not such a smart idea. It’s busy. Would you believe it? There’s an unexpected, avalanche of calls. The call centre is swamped.

You hold. The operator will get to you shortly. Meanwhile, there’s a message asking you to visit the website to “review FAQs, you might find what you’re looking for”.

This typical experience totally lacks a customer-centric approach. Customers only call when they can’t find what they’re looking for, usually online. So, why direct them back online?

It’s not unreasonable to assume the operator didn’t know you’ve visited the website. But adding call tracking functionality to the website or adding a dedicated phone number just for online will let customers service where you’ve come from.

They’ll be no dramatic blood pressure hikes for both the customer service person or your customer.  They’ll be both be on the same page. Chances are, the customer experience is going to be very good and they’ll be a successful conclusion. Job done.

One small step for a business, one giant leap in delivering a seamless customer-centric experience.