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Idea creation is the heart of any creative agency.

A new positioning across your business needs time invested to create ideas your competitors will envy. A brilliantly crafted positioning and a creative strategy are the springboard to accelerate change, fuel growth and win.


We have an internal design agency who will want to creatively control this work?

So, here’s the rub. The positioning and the ideas need to be so tightly in sync that they become one.  Unfortunately, creative people always want to control the brief and adapt it to suit their ‘strategy’.  We are experienced in working with our teams to keep them on point, but it’s more difficult for us to pull rank on your internal team.

We can, of course, look at the resources you have and work them into our team. But we will want to meet them, interview them and see their work.  We know what it takes to create great ideas and if they are not the ‘right type’ of creative person then we could all just be wasting time and energy.

It’s worth a discussion before we start the positioning work, so we don’t leave anything to chance.

How do we know it's the right idea?

If the positioning is right and you and your stakeholders are 100% committed to it, then you will know when the idea is right. Because it will FIT. It will bring life and freshness to the positioning and will fill you with energy.  Your salespeople will even be excited and the ‘accounts payable’ chap will ‘get it’.

Of course, we can test with customers, run focus groups and see what resonates. But if you are going big, and different, sometimes you just have to go for it. Put it out there and see what resonates. Ask too many people and you end up back to where you started more often than not.

The strength of a new position and a great idea comes from the alignment of your staff around a single message.  If everyone is aligned and not ‘telling the story of their previous companies’ it’s incredibly powerful and shines through in everything you do, from answering the phone to running an event.

Do we get a choice of ideas

We work on conceptual ideas first. They are rough and not designed.

Buying into the idea is the first step. How we design and execute it is secondary.

We will always show you three concepts.

We will then take the concept and apply design and copywriting to bring it to life.

Again, we will show you some options as to how it can come together.  The final part is to create core assets and help you push it deep into your organisation.


Great websites are more than design. Making it pretty is just one aspect of the process. Design is also about working out the flow of content and the journey visitors take and the overall user experience.


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