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The need for a strong identity the brand assets, is to ensure that people recognise and know what your brand stands for and means to them


What do you mean by - Identity?

Brand identity is the visual elements and assets of a brand, such as overall design – logo, colours, typeface, that identify and distinguish the brand. Copy tone of voice is also crucial to help convey the brand’s identity.

Our design looks dated compared to our competitors. What can we do to change this?

As design styles change over time it’s not uncommon for a brand style to look out of place amongst the competitor set.

The best approach to avoid changing design too frequently and still being current is to start to simplify your current design style. What can be removed and replaced?

And, avoid overloading visual cues and style treatments. These ofgten become outdated very quickly, especially when adopted by too many brands.

We already have an established logo and design, do we need to recreate these?

The short answer is no.

Our aim is to build on the equity you already have and move the brand on. Our first task is to audit your assets to understand what’s working and what’s not. Then, provide options on how best to evolve your assets.

Of course, if you’re looking to change your brand name then we will approach the brief from a broader perspective.


Brand development starts with knowing where to play and where not to. Segmenting the market, defining target audiences and then connecting the brand, products and services through a meaningful positioning.


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