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What’s the business or marketing problem you’re looking to solve? Who are we talking to and why? What do we need to say to them? What makes your brand, product or service unique? These are just some of the questions we need to find answers to before we start to explore and uncover the insight that’s going to open up to new opportunities.

We also need to understand the role of advertising, for example, to build awareness, saliency, arrest share or sales decline, to acquire new customers and convert them?

How can creativity be applied to unlock the potential?

An effective strategy appeals to the senses; reason and emotion.

What’s the strategic approach to unlock and see the problem differently? Strategy is the springboard to creativity. Spend time and energy on the brief and a rich flow of ideas will follow, and way beyond an ad too. Ideas that permeate deep into the business from product innovation, customer service and solution offering.





Ideas are the right combination of logic and magic. Without logic, no one will be persuaded. Without magic, no one will care.


Do we need SMART objectives?

The straightforward answer is yes. We will work with you to set and agree on specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely objectives for the campaign.

In addition to SMART objectives, it’s good to detail the campaign KPIs upfront in the strategy development phase.

What's an ideal budget

There are two approaches to defining a budget;

  1.  A percentage of product/ service sales – we are provided with a fixed budget to work to.
  2. Zero budgeting – where no fixed budget is provided but based on how much will is the cost to deliver this project.

Typically, most clients brief us with a budget in mind. We then provide options on how to deliver the project within the budget parameters.

Branding and positioning are defined and good to go, what next?

That’s great. Clarity is essential to creating a compelling web experience, so it’s really important that you brief your web agency so they understand exactly who you are and who your customers are.

This will inform the User Experience, the overall design look and feel and the overall tone of the website and the value that it brings to the visitor.

How can we craft our website around our brand beyond imagery and text?

Your brand, mission, vision and values should influence all of your communications. You can take the essence of these and build them into the overall user experience, the call to action and the depth of content that you provide.

For example, if your brand archetype is a ‘caregiver’ then your website could support this in how the user experience plays out, and the types of call to action you use.  Perhaps less ‘call sales now’ more ‘how can we help you?’.  You might focus on making site accessibility a core factor to underpin your archetype.   All this build brand integrity and helps to anchor your brand values.

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