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A website is not an island. It needs to be integrated into the wider world: search engines, Google, Bing, Safari etc., social media platforms, 3rd party sales platforms, as well as connect with your internal tools and assets.


I need to integrate our website with our CRM e.g., Salesforce?

Integrating with CRM solutions is relatively straightforward, depending on what you specifically need.

It’s important to outline the nature of your CRM installation, how it’s used, and your requirements at the website project briefing. CRM usage requirements and customisation differ dramatically from company to company. Often, we can utilise a plugin to integrate, but occasionally we have to get a bit clever and do more complex, bespoke coding to connect and integrate the tool. That’s why a brief upfront is essential, as CRM integration is one of the last tasks of the build phase. So the early we know your requirements and formulate a plan, the better.

How do we manage Marketing Automation form integrations?

For most instances, all you need to do is send us the integration code snippet, and we pull in the forms from the marketing automation tool. Integration requirements are best known at the briefing phase to enable appropriate time for testing. Not knowing what the new website needs to integrate with can often derail the project timings before launch.

How do we connect to Google and Social Media platforms?

To connect to Google Analytics and Tag Manager you will need to access your Google account and retrieve the snippet. If you’ve changed your company/ brand name add your new URL to your accounts. When the site is pushed live, ask Google to index your site / new pages.  This might take a little while depending on how big your site is.  Typically clients manage their own Google accounts, we can help you as part of our SEO offering.

Make sure you have the right code snippets on all your pages so that Google can read your pages and send data into Google Analytics.

For social media, there will be a plugin that you can use to integrate your site.

How do we collect form data if we don't have marketing automation?

Forms can be built in the website and set up to send form submission data to email addresses you specify and captured within a CSV file.  You don’t need a marketing automation platform to manage your forms.

Branding & Positioning

If you are thinking about changing your website, you might want to consider the implications for your overall messaging and branding.



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