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Account Based Marketing – Demand Generation

The Challenge

We were asked to weave-in an unexpected, newly commissioned HortonWorks’ Apache NiFi Dummies Guidebook into an ongoing ABM programme with targeted accounts. And, get it into the hands of time-poor, senior executives to open the door and expedite further sales conversations.

Not an easy task. Office post rooms and team PAs are the primary gatekeepers. Multiple mailings landing on the same day can be a red flag to the post room/receptionist. Perceived as junk mail, they get trashed before they see the light of day.

We needed to get the complete, DM package on the desk intact. And, once landed, it had to be intriguing enough to arouse curiosity and get opened.


The Solution

We focused on the book. Books are valued. People are less inclined to bin them, helping to ensure the DM got to the target.

Relevancy was key to getting attention and driving action. We needed to be direct, but also motivate and nudge prospects to engage with the guide as a useful way to swiftly learn and change up their data management knowledge. To have a better understanding, feel empowered and equipped to make the data management changes required to propel their ‘digital’ transformation programmes and their business forward.

Each DM pack included a bespoke VITO (very important top executive) letter. Tailored specifically for the vertical market segment, business type and prospects’ role to communicate how HortonWorks are strategically aligned, with proven technology, services and support to enable successful digital transformation delivery.

A timely email follow-up was submitted after the DM dropped by the client’s sales teams in each region, with relevant references to the guide and the letter’s contents. Each email had a unique link to a landing page to track responses and updates to the sales teams for their post-email direct calls.

The Results

To fast-track learnings from the DM for ongoing campaigns, we implemented a simultaneous A/B design test with a printed envelope and transparent sleeve to understand which option performed best. Surprisingly, both performed almost equally as well.

KPIs on CTRs to the landing page, email responses and subsequent sales meetings were exceeded, resulting in additional targets added or the second phase.

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