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The Challenge

“How can we help our sales teams manage and convert their sales pipeline and provide after-sales support and training, effectively and efficiently, even when they are out of the office?” This is a common query we are often asked by multinational corporates and enterprises operating in a wide range of sectors.

The Solution

Mobile Application

Ratio has built several confidential and bespoke mobile business apps. This case study is a summary overview. A culmination of these apps to help provide a flavour of what we have created.

Success in today’s business world is not only dependent on being digitally savvy but having a mobile-centric approach too. Why? If your sales teams can’t gain access to essential resources like product catalogues or pre-configured solutions and product packages whenever they want, and wherever they are, they hit a wall and the wheels of commerce grind to an abrupt halt.

B2B business apps help fuel sales and revenues and deliver growth stakeholders demand. Apps are essential for remote sales teams and out-of-the-office customer meetings. Even with 4G network coverage in most European countries, network connectivity performance can be intermittent, even in cities and towns, and especially rural locations. Networks are all too often the unseen barrier to a successful sale.

Like many business sectors, healthcare and medical technology companies sell a wide range of services, solutions and products. In-person client meetings are essential for presenting new products and innovations. Requiring in-the-moment access to resource collaterals — PDFs, videos, etc. Likewise, it’s important to be able to collect and capture data for crucial pre- and post-sale research.

Cybersecurity is a priority for healthcare groups and hospitals. To protect their networks and avoid hostile penetration within their business and clinical environments, network and wi-fi access is often closed to visiting guests.

To circumnavigate network signal failure or lockout, we designed and built bespoke apps to cache and store selected company network and third-party data feeds from platforms such as Salesforce, locally to devices. With memory notifications preprogrammed to forewarn users when their device memory capacity is running low.

The offline app functionality allows sales professionals to sync orders, events and content submissions whenever they choose, even at the end of the day.

The Results

In addition to sales, marketing teams are also supported with additional app functionality. Helping to manage new business leads and up-selling and cross-selling to existing clients within pre-configured nurture programmes in marketing automation platforms e.g. Act-On, Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, etc.

The purpose of mobile apps is to facilitate sales. From processing new sales orders, order receipt and qualification to fulfilment, delivery and invoice submission.  Therefore, it’s essential sales apps are reliable and always available with a tap on the screen, leaving sales professionals to focus on what they do best: sell.

Contact us to discover how using technology to remove friction from your sales process will help to deliver commercial success.


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