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If you don’t maintain your website, it will fail, be hacked and generally deliver a poor experience. Running daily and weekly malware scans, updating security patches, and updating plugins to the latest versions will help your website stay secure and fully functional.


Do we need to pay an agency to maintain our B2B website?

Yes, there are different maintenance support levels from straightforward weekly content testing, updating security patches and plugins to a more enhanced version, including creating additional pages and posts for new content. But, the choice is yours. You may prefer to undertake maintenance in-house. Our handover training video and user guide will more than equip your team for the task if you do.

What is a staging site?

A staging website facilitates new content creation. Content can be added and reviewed before publishing to the internet via the live main live website.

Implementing a staging website approach will enable you to have a complete duplication of your live website. It is, in effect, having two, always current websites. The live website is published and available for search engines to find. The staging site is not and is password protected to view. Once you are ready with edits or adding new content to the staging website, you then deploy this site to override your live website via your hosting provider*.

The staging approach is ideal for disaster recovery. If the live website snaps and crashes, we can push the staging site live to replace the broken website. A staging website provides a rapid and inexpensive solution to address unforeseen downtime.

*Not all hosting companies provide a staging option. In this instance, we can use a 3rd party external staging provider. However, this is not an ideal solution. We prefer to recommend a hosting provider that includes a staging option within their solution.

How do we make our B2B website faster?

Keeping your website fast is crucial to deliver the all-important user experience.

As your business grows, so does your website with more pages and content, especially with an active blog.

Blogs frequently get cluttered with large image files from rich media content, images, graphics, videos, white papers, research documents, technical specifications etc. All of which impact your website performance.

Clearing cache regularly and reducing file sizes before uploading using pixel reduction and compression tools will help keep your website performing optimally throughout the years.

How do we keep our B2B website secure?

Daily and weekly security and malware checks scans are crucial. Both on your website and hosting server. Good hosting providers will usually take care of malware updates via additional security services you can add to your hosting solution.

For websites, it is best to make sure your plugins and security patches are updated as soon as a new version is released.

Branding & Positioning

If you are thinking about changing your website, you might want to consider the implications for your overall messaging and branding.



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