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Your website is a destination. A place that can easily be found, satisfies a need and prompts the next action towards a sale, if not an actual sale. Give your visitors what they need to help them along the way.


Our website is a brochure, I am not sure how to make it anything more?

If your website is dismissed internally as anything other than a tick box, then you need to think about it differently. Often niche B2B businesses (yes, even today) think their world is about referrals, personal contacts and the bray of  ‘the market is so small, we know everyone.’ A good website supports all of your efforts. You can’t control when someone wants information from you or is researching in the middle of the night and want to check that you provide a service or a product before picking up the phone.

Your employees want to be proud of where they work too, and new recruits need to be able to find you and be inspired.

So, first, to gain investment for improvements there needs to be a mindset change, or you need to start using your site differently to show some evidence.

Of course, some businesses, use marketing automation to create landing pages and manage demand generation, which often means great content is being created but it’s not finding its way onto your core website, where it could also be adding value.

SEO, is it worth it?

The short answer is yes, SEO does work. But, it takes time for positive results to be seen. The pathway to SEO success is research, the market, competitors and understanding audience behaviours. We work with our specialist SEO and PPC partner – Accuracast. They are the experts, and it takes a particular type of expertise to make a significant difference to SEO performance.

We on-board Accuracast at the project planning phase before commencing research and keyword search terms and using these findings to formulate a strategic approach. We then brief frontend copywriters with guidance on keyword terms and SEO copywriters for the crucial backend metadata copy, fine-tuning from launch for the next three months to optimise organic search results, impressions and conversions.

Demand generation - how do I drive more traffic to my website?

Use advertising, email, direct mail, social media, OOH, PPC or sales collateral, whatever medium, channel, platform or tool to attract visitors. But, first and foremost, give your audience a purpose for their visit. If you only see your website as a tick box, then it’s never going to perform.

Use Google Analytics to see how people interact with your pages. Utilise forms or chat functionality to help visitors instigate a conversation with you.

Optimise all your pages and metadata for SEO to improve organic search.


Great websites are more than design. Making it pretty is just one aspect of the process. Design is also about working out the flow of content and the journey visitors take and the overall user experience.


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